Tomatin Cu Bocan, 46% abv

Tomatin Cu Bocan, 46% abv

Tomatin Cu Bocan

This Single Malt is distilled by Tomatin in Highlands.

Average Score 79

Highest Score 85

Lowest Score 72

# of Times Scored 8

Scores for Tomatin Cu Bocan, 46% abv

Tomatin Cu Bocan, 46% abv

Dry oak, light sherry, sweet citrus aromas smoke and oranges on the nose. Sweet zesty mouthfeel. Overripe fruit, smoky, oranges, vanilla, savoury, olives, salty citrus bacon on the palate. Mild spices and sherry on a medium finish.


Tomatin Cu Bocan, 46% abv

Ashy peat, lovely gentle fruit and smoky citrus on the nose. Creamy pink grapefruit, fresh vanilla, honey and peaty ginger on the palate. Mild tang on a lightly peated medium finish.


Tomatin Cu Bocan, 46% abv

Fruit compote, honey and vanilla followed by light floral aromas and then earthy smoke on the nose. Peat emerges amid zesty fruit and light smoke on the palate. Smoke, dry spices and citrus on the finish.


Tomatin Cu Bocan, 46% abv

Sweet dark fruit, sherry and herbal aromas on the nose. Tangy, simple, edgy with honey and spice on the palate. Simple rough finish


Tomatin Cu Bocan, 46% abv

Spiced old sweet sherry wood, barley cereal on the nose. Minor edge, oily, earthy and barnyard notes on the palate.


Tomatin Cu Bocan, 46% abv

Bitter orange marmalade and deep floral varnish on the nose. Tangy dry caramel and vanilla on the palate.


Tomatin Cu Bocan, 46% abv

Honey, fresh floral then bitter orange notes on the nose. Mild campfire, vanilla marshmallow syrup on the palate. Cinnamon tang on the finish.


Tomatin Cu Bocan, 46% abv

A relatively new peated version the Tomatin line. The peat obviously shows. Honey, coffee, orange peel and pepper with a long smoky finish. At $59 (Alberta), an excellent candidate for the "poor man's Lagavulin.


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