Brenne, 40% abv

Brenne, 40% abv


This Single Malt is distilled by Brenne in France.

Average Score 80

Highest Score 82

Lowest Score 79

# of Times Scored 3

Scores for Brenne, 40% abv

Brenne, 40% abv

Sweet spicy bananas flambé on the nose. Marzipan and caramel sauce on the palate. A sweet dram. Great dessert whisky. Good V4$ at $61


Brenne, 40% abv

Sweet bananas flambé with cherry syrup notes on the nose. Cherries, bananas and raisins are well balanced on the palate. A bourbon single malt? Different.


Brenne, 40% abv

Rich bananas flambé with a hint of sultana raisins on the nose. Lovely spices step forward and remain on the edges of the tongue with sweet fruit completing the sensory experience. Different, original and very pleasant. It leaves the impression of a tart single malt "Barley Bourbon". A dram to go with a rich syrupy fruit dessert.


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