Amrut Fusion, 46% abv

Amrut Fusion, 46% abv

Amrut Fusion

This Single Malt is distilled by Amrut in India.

Average Score 83

Highest Score 86

Lowest Score 79

# of Times Scored 2

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Amrut Fusion, 46% abv

Batch 9 bottled 02 Feb 2012. This bottle was bought in Bangalore on 12 Feb 2011 and was released for the Indian domestic market. I tasted it side by side with the 50% ABV product (batch 12) procured at the LCBO. There was a small but noticeable difference. Still the vanilla overtones but less balanced. It left me with the question of whether a younger version had been released for domestic consumption. Still a great whisky but slightly less impressive than batch 12.


Amrut Fusion, 46% abv

Light smoke and peat followed by fruit and floral notes on the nose. Light spicy notes with a wee solventy undertone on the palate. Gentle at outset and then moves to a tangy finish. Simple. (Only sold in India.)


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