Mellow Corn, 50% abv

Mellow Corn, 50% abv

Mellow Corn

This Corn Whisky is distilled by Mellow Corn in USA.

Average Score 77

Highest Score 78

Lowest Score 76

# of Times Scored 2

Scores for Mellow Corn, 50% abv

Mellow Corn, 50% abv

This gets my vote as the best value for money. Sells in Canada at ANBL for $24.99 and listed in California at $10.99. Initially a prominent honey sweetness presents itself with lots of vanilla and fades to a bitter orange finish. Heavy dilution reveals a prominent liquorice taste.


Mellow Corn, 50% abv

What a pleasant and amazing surprise. At 80% + in corn it is no wonder hints of corn are proudly evident on the nose; oily with a delightful wee solventy tang on palate; amazingly smooth, soft for 50% abv; fresh with some fruit lingering on the medium finish.


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