Green Spot, 40% abv

Green Spot, 40% abv

Green Spot

This Pure Pot Still is distilled by UNKNOWN in Ireland.

Average Score 81

Highest Score 85

Lowest Score 78

# of Times Scored 4

Scores for Green Spot, 40% abv

Green Spot, 40% abv

Rich soft grasses, fruit, alpine flowers and mild vanilla on the nose. Lovely gentle fruit, soft spices and almonds on the palate. Soft, tangy dry floral finish.


Green Spot, 40% abv

Rich, fresh, floral aromas then sweet stewed red fruit on the nose. Mild, well balanced creamy fruit on the palate. Medium to short finish.


Green Spot, 40% abv

Fruit, sweet vanilla and marzipan on the nose. Oily, white fruit, sweet, mild spices on the palate. Light finish.


Green Spot, 40% abv

Cereal sweetness with lovely nuttiness on the nose. Soft barley notes with dry honey on the palate. Amazingly complex.


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