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Top 10 Whisky Scores - 2018

Glenfiddich 1968

Glenfiddich 1968, 45.8% abv

Fruity tropical praline, vanilla and light caramel on the nose. Soft, dry fruit, delightful rich tangy custard then fruit laden spices on the palate. Exceptionally well balanced. Lovely long creamy fruit laden finish. WOW.

Highland Park 46 Years Old

Highland Park 46 Years Old, 40% abv

Orange zest, smoke then tropical fruit, honey and very mild caramel on the nose. Luscious tropical fruit, wee citrus notes and very rich on the palate. Outstanding!

Port Ellen 1979 24 Years Old 3rd Annual Release

Port Ellen 1979 24 Years Old 3rd Annual Release, 57.3% abv

Vanilla, cocoa, apples and smoke on the nose. Creamy, sweet light peat notes, mild red fruit on the palate. Elegant, substantial and a WOW.

Glenfiddich 1976

Glenfiddich 1976, 44% abv

Sweet, gentle floral perfume and soft pears on the nose. Tropical fruit,, mangoes, soft light ginger then a burst of floral bouquet on the palate. Velvety mouthfeel. Luscious long white fruit finish. WOW

Highland Park 40 Years Old

Highland Park 40 Years Old, 47.5% abv

Sherry, red fruit, licorice then sweet sherried tobacco on the nose. Spicy, cloves, lovely smoke, tobacco and cocoa on the palate. Long smooth spicy finish. Very complex. WOW!

Royal Mile Whiskies 40 Years Old Blended Malt

Royal Mile Whiskies 40 Years Old Blended Malt, 47.1% abv

Soft sherry, rich red fruit, warm aromas of dark Christmas cake on the nose. Luscious figs, prunes, rich sherry infused caramel, mild soft spices on the palate. Soft raisins, sherry and caramel on the finish. A WOW!

SMWS 2.76 Cola and shea butter

SMWS 2.76 Cola and shea butter, 56.3% abv

Light citrus marmalade, mangoes, pears and apples on the nose. Rich floral notes, white fruit jam, luscious citrus with mild spices on the palate. Beautiful long floral finish.

Bruichladdich Octomore Farm 7 Years Old Cask 335

Bruichladdich Octomore Farm 7 Years Old Cask 335, 62.1% abv

Soft, lovely peaty cedar and tar on the nose. Candied pear drops, sweet rich earthy peat then mild tar on the palate. Long soft lingering finish. WOW

SMWS 29.64

SMWS 29.64, 54.6% abv

Light pine forest, peat, fruity smoke, red berries, sweet tar, vanilla and soft caramel on the nose. Cedar smoke and ashes, mild fruit, gentle spices on the palate. Delightful soft long ash-full finish.

Tomatin 36 Years old, Batch 4

Tomatin 36 Years old, Batch 4, 43.1% abv

Delicate floral aromas to start then waves of tropical fruit, mangos, papayas and light pineapple on the nose. Tropical fruit marmalade, tobacco and sweet licorice on the palate. Complex.


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