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Top 10 Whisky Scores - 2017

Imperial 1995 Signatory

Imperial 1995 Signatory, 46% abv

Rich, floral, cream soda, mixed bouquet of flowers on the nose. Delicate floral delight with creamy peppery spices on the palate. WOW

Brora 30 Years Old

Brora 30 Years Old, 53.2% abv

Walnuts, sweet prunes, mild marmalade on the nose. Gentle fruit, silky spices, mild sherry and coffee on the palate.WOW

Highland Park 25 Years Old

Highland Park 25 Years Old, 48.1% abv

Soft sweet honey, light caramel, floral and white fruit on the nose. Complex interplay of floral/fruit flavours, wee tang and light spices on the palate.

Glenmorangie 25 Years Old

Glenmorangie 25 Years Old, 43% abv

Rich caramel, sherry, Xmas cake, mild fruit smoke on the nose. Complex caramel, mild tang, gentle fruit and wee tang on the palate. Long finish.

Port Ellen 1974

Port Ellen 1974, 40% abv

Light vegetal, sweet peaty lemons on the nose. Peaty lemon custard continues with smoke, soft cedar and tar notes. WOW

Benromach 1976

Benromach 1976, 46% abv

Gentle citrus, hint of spice and light fruit aromas on the nose. Soft round mouthfeel. Luscious lime notes, touch of honey, wee smoke and floral vanilla on the palate. Lovely long lime finish.

SMWS 76.65 A stake through the heart of despair

SMWS 76.65 A stake through the heart of despair, 58.56% abv

Smoke, sweet floral bananas, sherry and figs on the nose. Soft cigar, red fruit, nuts and dry spices on the palate. WOW!

SMWS 94.4 Ode to autumn 24 Years Old

SMWS 94.4 Ode to autumn 24 Years Old, 52.3% abv

Luscious light white fruit compote on the nose. Gentle citrus, honey, soft vanilla and pears on the palate.

Macallan Reflection

Macallan Reflection, 43% abv

Mild heather smoke, apple compote, rich floral bouquet on the nose. Gentle yet intense floral notes with light vanilla on the palate. Long complex finish

SMWS 35.135 A pure stoater

SMWS 35.135 A pure stoater, 55.9% abv

Rich, buttery incense, plums and Xmas cake on the nose. Candied peel and dark fruit candy on the palate.


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