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Top 10 Whisky Scores - 2016

Longrow 1974 16 Years Old

Longrow 1974 16 Years Old, 46% abv

Sweet soft peat and pine forest tar on the nose. Gentle smoke with lovely fruit undertones. Refined. Exquisite. WOW!

Royal Mile Whiskies 40 Years Old Blended Malt

Royal Mile Whiskies 40 Years Old Blended Malt, 47.1% abv

Warm almonds, red fruit, mild burnt sugar on the nose. Light buttery spices and caramel on the palate. WOW!

Dallas Dhu 1971 Connoisseurs Choice

Dallas Dhu 1971 Connoisseurs Choice, 40% abv

Apples, sweet varnish and mint on the nose. Light dry spices and mild fruit on the palate. Delicate long gentle finish. Outstanding!

GlenDronach 1971 39 years old Sherry Butt

GlenDronach 1971 39 years old Sherry Butt, 48.8% abv

Warm gingered sherry, spices, Xmas cake on the nose. Brown sugar, caramel, dark fruit sherry pudding on the palate. A sherry bombshell finish.

Tullibardine 1964

Tullibardine 1964, 42.1% abv

Rich, deep bouquet of flowers with mild spices leading to floral incense/perfume on the nose. Gentle, rich, oranges, almonds and peaches on the palate. Amazing.

Bruichladdich Octomore 01.1 Edition

Bruichladdich Octomore 01.1 Edition, 63.5% abv

Flowery peat, spices and soft grasses on the nose. Gentle peaty hyacinth, tingling fruit compote and light tar on the palate. Sweet licorice finish. WOW!

SMWS 35.135 A pure stoater

SMWS 35.135 A pure stoater, 55.9% abv

Rich toasted nuts and oak with mild nutty smoke on the nose. caramelized vanilla, gentle ginger butter and fruit on the palate. Long finish.

SMWS 33.93 Tarry peppermint tea

SMWS 33.93 Tarry peppermint tea, 55.88% abv

Sweet tar, honeyed peat and fruit bread on the nose. Sweet campfire smoke, chocolate, cardamom and tobacco on the palate.

Macallan Reflexion

Macallan Reflexion, 43% abv

Rich sherry, Xmas cake, cloves and caramel on the nose. Bouquet of red roses, mild cinnamon on the palate. Dry floral finish.

Brora 1982 20 Years Old Rare Malts

Brora 1982 20 Years Old Rare Malts, 58.1% abv

Spicy, fruity red jam on the nose. Oily mouthfeel. More red fruit and spices on the palate with floral notes in background. Complex and delightful.


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