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Whisky Scores

Tobermory 19 Years Old

Tobermory 19 Years Old, 58.2% abv

Raisins, rich caramel and almond perfume, spices, Christmas cake and lovely sherry aromas on the nose. Luscious incense mouthfeel. Smooth, dry sweet oak, cinnamon, dried red berries, cocoa with sherry undertones on the palate. Rich intense medium long finish.

Scapa 16 Years Old

Scapa 16 Years Old, 40% abv

Coastal pears, dry grassy honey and bitter oranges on the nose. Tangy dry fruity mouthfeel. Bittersweet citrus, edgy vanilla, honey and grassy caramel on the palate. Smooth dry medium finish.

North of 7 Cask Strength, 6 Years Old

North of 7 Cask Strength, 6 Years Old, 60.5% abv

Rich dry almonds, sweet oak, leather, malty caramel and cherries on the nose. Intense rich mouthfeel. Sweet nuttiness, lovely light corn notes, peppery then sweet light oak on the palate. Soft tangy red fruit on a medium finish.

The Ileach

The Ileach, 58% abv

Gentle, sweet oak aromas, mild smoke, light tar and vanilla on the nose. Silky, smoky mouthfeel. Coastal notes, gentle peat and smoke on the palate. Soft, light smoke and dry peat on a medium finish.

Compass Box Great King Street Glasgow Blend, KWM Cask

Compass Box Great King Street Glasgow Blend, KWM Cask, 49% abv

Mild sherry, peat, vanilla and soft cereal aromas on the palate. Thick, oily smoky mouthfeel. Coastal notes then sherry with a Glaswegian robustness on the palate. Well balanced. Medium long fulsome finish.

Kornog Oloroso Sherry Cask

Kornog Oloroso Sherry Cask, 46% abv

Sherry aromas, sweet peat, pears and a warm seaside breeze on the nose. Round, sweet earthy mouthfeel. Light soft, mild smoke, gentle peat with a wee nuttiness. Soft, pleasant, a bit thin medium finish.

North of 7 95% Rye

North of 7 95% Rye, 45% abv

Caramel acetone, rye spices, sweet cereal aromas, hint of cherries and pepper on the nose. Soft rye cereal mouthfeel. Oaky, gentle sweet cereal and dry nuttiness on the palate. Nuttiness continues on a dry sweet medium short finish.

Springbank Madeira Wood 1997 11 Years Old

Springbank Madeira Wood 1997 11 Years Old, 55.1% abv

Luscious molasses, red fruit syrup, almonds and caramel on the nose. Soft rich tingling Madeira mouthfeel. Rich oak, sweet smooth resinous fruit, raisins, soft licorice and butterscotch on the palate. Lovely red fruit and almonds on a medium long finish.

Springbank Bourbon Wood 1991 12 Years Old

Springbank Bourbon Wood 1991 12 Years Old, 58.5% abv

Lemon lime zest, vanilla, caramel and apple peels on the nose. Tart, citric mouthfeel. Tangy lemons, limes, lovely oak notes followed by a warm sweet citrus custard on the palate. Citrus dominates a rich medium finish.

Kilchoman 2009 8 Years Old

Kilchoman 2009 8 Years Old, 46% abv

Warm honey, light candied peat, coastal aromas and bittersweet lemon peels on the nose. Silky spicy mouthfeel. Light sweet citrus peat, spices, campfire notes on the palate. Gentle, soft sweet peaty aromas on a medium finish.