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Compass Box - The Spice Tree

Compass Box - The Spice Tree, 46% abv

Floral, caramel and lovely spice aromas on the nose. Smooth, soft spicy mouthfeel. Pears, apples, touch of absinthe and cardamom on the palate. Light, tangy, dry fruity medium finish.

Glen Elgin 1998 21 Years Old, The Whisky Agency

Glen Elgin 1998 21 Years Old, The Whisky Agency, 47.9% abv

Light round tropical fruit, dry spices, oranges, fino sherry and light smoke on the nose. Sweet light fruity mouthfeel. Elegant, soft sherry notes, lemons lime and honey on the palate. Fresh. Clean. Lovely elegant mild sherry on a medium finish.

Secret Orkney 2007 12 Years Old

Secret Orkney 2007 12 Years Old, 53.2% abv

Rich floral aromas, vanilla, spices, dry apples, pears,, lemons and honey on the nose. Tangy tart mouthfeel. Green grapes, zesty fruit, smoke and peppery on the palate. Medium zesty citric finish.

Secret Highland 2000 19 Years Old

Secret Highland 2000 19 Years Old, 49.7% abv

Heavy bittersweet white fruit, oaky, touch of honey and sweet dusty aromas on the nose. Oily mouthfeel. Lemons, barnyard, vanilla, nutty and spices on the palate. Medium rich edgy finish.

Kilchoman Madeira 2011 7 Years Old (SAQ)

Kilchoman Madeira 2011 7 Years Old (SAQ), 56.4% abv

Rich, heavy, soft caramel ashes, sweet tannins on the nose. Tangy tannic red wine mouthfeel. Roasted walnuts, peat infused with red wine, sweet earthiness, peaty strawberries, raspberry smoke and oak notes on the palate. Smoky, oaky, peaty, tannic medium finish.

Stratheden #2

Stratheden #2, 46% abv

Light lemon aromas, floral, apples, grassy and zesty vanilla on the nose. Edgy citric mouthfeel. Lemons, mint, light spices, oranges and dry flowers on the palate. Medium short dry citric lemon finish.

Port Dundas 1988 27 Years Old Cadenhead

Port Dundas 1988 27 Years Old Cadenhead, 50.9% abv

Dry tropical fruit, grasses, honey and tangy vanilla on the nose. Creamy soft toasty vanilla mouthfeel. Light citrus notes, mild lemon marmalade, soft spice notes on the palate. Zesty tart citric spicy medium finish.

Cambus 25 Years Old Duncan Taylor

Cambus 25 Years Old Duncan Taylor, 55.1% abv

Sherry, burnt orange marmalade, white pepper, caramel apples on the nose. Silky intense sherry and fruit mouthfeel. Rich fruit covered with caramel sauce, zesty oranges, spices, sherry notes on the palate. Fulsome sherry and toffee on a medium long finish.

El Dorado Versailles Single Still

El Dorado Versailles Single Still, 40% abv

Light, sweet leather, mangoes, earthy, mildy overripe tropical fruit on the nose. Savoury, grassy mouthfeel. Lovely soft yet tangy tropical fruit. Tropical fruit and grass notes on a medium finish.

El Dorado Port Mourant

El Dorado Port Mourant, 40% abv

Heavy rich fruit aromas, sweet cedar, dried herbs and vanilla on the nose. Sweet earthy mouthfeel. Dry, mild sulphur, rich fruit, tobacco, prunes and a hint of manure on the palate. Medium earthy finish.