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Whisky Scores

Two Stacks 12 Years Old, The Craic

Two Stacks 12 Years Old, The Craic, 63.11% abv

Light, fresh, spicy melons, sweet oakiness, warehouse, whiff of rye and a bit prickly on the nose. Oaky grassy mouthfeel. Melons, spices, sweet, vanilla, coconut varnish on the palate. Dry oaky fruit on a medium finish.

Tyrconnell 15 Years Old Maderia Finish

Tyrconnell 15 Years Old Maderia Finish, 46% abv

Fresh flowers, honey, vanilla candies, deep aromas of peaches and oranges on the nose. Sweet floral mouthfeel. Honey, spices, orange marmalade, sherry, spices and pears on the palate. Jammy, warm dry medium finish.

Gold Spot 9 Years Old

Gold Spot 9 Years Old, 51.4% abv

Honey, malty, dried flowers and mild oakiness on the nose. Thick honey candy mouthfeel. Floral honey, malty, rich, fulsome, spices, mild ginger, touch of salt on the palate. Thick, malty and sweet on a medium finish.

Powers John's Lane 12 Years Old

Powers John's Lane 12 Years Old, 46% abv

Floral, dry sweet grasses, honey candies, vanilla, ripe tropical fruit on the nose. Mild zesty fruity mouthfeel. Papaya, mango, strawberries, tingling spices and leather notes on the palate. Smooth yet bursting fruit on a medium finish.

Old Bushmills Special Liqueur

Old Bushmills Special Liqueur, 37.5% abv

Old warehouse and dried fruit aromas, soft spices, whiff of sweet sulphur on the nose. Thick malty mouthfeel. Dry, honey, tingling spices, sweet barnyard notes on the palate. Sweet, spicy, mild sulphur on a medium finish.

Peat's Beast, PX

Peat's Beast, PX, 54.1% abv

Peat, sweet fruit, smoke, Xmas cake, warm earthy biscuits, salty bakelite on the nose. Fruity, sherry, peaty mouthfeel. Ever present peat notes, coriander, smoke and dried fruit on the palate. Peat, mild sherry on a medium finish.

Bowmore Devil's Cask III - Double The Devil

Bowmore Devil's Cask III - Double The Devil, 56.7% abv

Raisins, spices, caramel, earthy sweetness, smoke, coca, sherry, plums and vanilla on the nose. Raisin syrup and citrus mouthfeel. Rich, dark fruit, spices, gentle smoke, sherry, earthy light peat on the palate. Dark fruit soft peat on a medium finish.

Mortlach 12 Years Old, The Wee Witchie

Mortlach 12 Years Old, The Wee Witchie, 43.4% abv

Fruit, thick citrus aromas, oranges, floral perfume on the nose. Fulsome fruity mouthfeel. Floral honey, rich, beefy, apple sauce and soft spices on the palate. Rich floral citrus notes and gentle spices on a medium finish.

Jim Beam Devil's Cut

Jim Beam Devil's Cut, 45% abv

Creamy caramel, oaky, fruit, corn aromas on the nose. Chewy caramel mouthfeel. Spices, caramel, oranges, corn chips, tannins and spices on the palate. Simple. Spices, corn and oak on a medium finish,

Slaughterhouse American Whiskey

Slaughterhouse American Whiskey, 46% abv

Sweet barley, vanilla, caramel, toasted almonds, corn on the nose. Sweet almond mouthfeel. Caramel, coffee, roasted nuts, sweet spices and cherries on the palate. Dry chewy nuttiness on a medium finish.