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Whisky Scores

Bowmore 17 Years Old

Bowmore 17 Years Old, 53.6% abv

Pine forest, tar, menthol, absorbine jr., dry flowers and soft peat on the nose. Lovely tangy fruity mouthfeel. Gentle spices, mild dry peat and soft sweet spices on the palate. Soft peat, sweet tar cookies on a medium finish.

Cadenhead Creations 1987, 31 Years Old

Cadenhead Creations 1987, 31 Years Old, 50.1% abv

Rich warm almonds, honey, spices, vanilla and dry pears on the nose. Round tingling mouthfeel. Spicy white fruit, dry flowers, raspberries on the palate. Lovely light tingling fruit on a medium finish.

Littlemill 1990 28 Years Old

Littlemill 1990 28 Years Old, 50.7% abv

Floral grassy honey, rich vanilla, almonds, spices, strawberries and melons on the nose.Tingling bittersweet honey mouthfeel. Pears, tropical fruit, dry pineapple and light nuttiness on the palate. Dry spicy fruit on a medium long finish..

Finlaggan Islay Single Malt Cask Strength

Finlaggan Islay Single Malt Cask Strength, 58% abv

Rich sweet fruity tar, pears, smoke, kippers then honey and licorice. Sweet fruity tar mouthfeel. Very sweet smoke, tar, dry cedar then wet peat notes on the palate. On-going sweet peat on a medium finish.

Imperial 1995 23 Years Old, Cask 5412

Imperial 1995 23 Years Old, Cask 5412, 47.7% abv

Sweet nuttiness, pears, vanilla, tropical fruit, melons and apples on the nose. Rich soft fruity mouthfeel. Floral, wee oak, tropical fruit, luscious pears and apricots on the palate. Soft fruity medium finish. Well balanced.

Imperial 1995, 20 Years Old Cask 50256

Imperial 1995, 20 Years Old Cask 50256, 54.8% abv

Malty, vanilla, citrus and melon creams on the nose. Soft yet zesty mouthfeel. Burst of spice then tones down to creamy fruit, vanilla, dusty warehouse and tropical fruit on the palate. Spices on a medium short finish.

SMWS 64.75 Feast of Fruits

SMWS 64.75 Feast of Fruits, 60.8% abv

Rich floral honey, vanilla perfume, sweet soft cedar and mild orange aromas on the nose. Fiery yet soft peppery mouthfeel. Gentle luscious floral notes, sweet white fruit and soft spicy pears on the palate. Soft sweet flowers and pears on medium finish.

Bunnahabhain Toiteach A Dha

Bunnahabhain Toiteach A Dha, 46.3% abv

Dry sweet peat then fruity sherry aromas on the nose. Soft peaty mouthfeel. Dry, honey, peat, sweet earthy notes, fruit, lemons then smoke on the palate. Fruit peat and lemon zest on a medium finish.

Bunnahabhain Ceobanach

Bunnahabhain Ceobanach, 46.3% abv

Citrus, barley, mild tar, vanilla, honey and lemons on the nose. Creamy light smoky mouthfeel. Tar flavoured oatcakes, lemons and mild peat on the palate. Lemon zest, barley and tar on a medium finish.

Bunnahabhain Canasta 1980 36 Years Old

Bunnahabhain Canasta 1980 36 Years Old, 49.5% abv

Amazing red fruit, heady sherry, salty caramel, dark chocolate and vanilla on the nose. Creamy sherry chocolate mouthfeel. Orange syrup, leather, ripe fruit, sherry, toasted nuts and luscious caramel on the palate. Rich coffee, toffee and sherry on a long finish. WOW!