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Whisky Scores

Longmorn 16 Years Old

Longmorn 16 Years Old, 48% abv

Apples, rich vanilla, spices, tropical fruit, pineapple then minor dustiness on the nose. Lovely lemony mouthfeel. Dried fruit, floral and sweet dry notes on the palate. Creamy dry fruit on a medium finish.

Bruichladdich Islay Barley, 2011 6 Years Old

Bruichladdich Islay Barley, 2011 6 Years Old, 50% abv

Dry sweet honey, barley, apples and milk chocolate on the nose. Chewy yet creamy, sweet mouthfeel. Almonds, honey, Almonds, honey, zesty pears, sweet gentle fruit on the palate. Robust in mouth then medium short finish.

Ardbeg 10 Years Old

Ardbeg 10 Years Old, 46% abv

Sweet peat, zesty tarry lemons and vanilla on the nose. Chewy tarry mouthfeel. Sweet peat, lemon notes, honey and vanilla on the palate. Honest, straightforward. Medium long sweet tarry finish.

Aberlour a'bunadh Batch 68

Aberlour a'bunadh Batch 68, 61.5% abv

Silky sherry, mild oak, dry raisins, caramel and a whiff of smoke on the nose. Dry fruity sherry mouthfeel. Rich sherry, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, figs and plums in a sherry sauce and cocoa on the palate. Sherry, oak, dark fruit on a medium long finish.

Bunnahabhain 12 Years Old

Bunnahabhain 12 Years Old, 46.3% abv

Ripe old fruit, ginger, dates and figs, sweet earthy barnyard aromas on the nose. Sweet overripe fruit mouthfeel. Fulsome sweet earthy fruit then caramel and a touch of smoke on the palate. Mild tang, dark fruit on a medium long finish.

The Glenlivet 18 Years Old

The Glenlivet 18 Years Old, 40% abv

Floral, spices, oak, rich fruit and toffee on the nose. Bountiful fruity mouthfeel. Lovely orange custard, ginger and cinnamon on the palate. Elegant and subtle. Delightful spices on a medium finish.

Glenfiddich 15 years old Solera Reserve

Glenfiddich 15 years old Solera Reserve, 40% abv

Rich, stewed red fruit, fulsome sherry aromas, honey and dark fruit on the nose. Gentle fruity mouthfeel. Ginger, oranges, sherry, mild oak notes fruit then cocoa on the palate. Delightful sherry and spices on a medium long finish.

Deanston Virgin Oak Finish

Deanston Virgin Oak Finish, 46.3% abv

Sweet hay, vanilla, floral, light spices and lemon candies on the nose. Smooth citrus mouthfeel. Mild caramel emerges followed by honey, lemons, oak notes and spices on the palate. Oak notes and honey on a medium finish.

Koval 100% Millet

Koval 100% Millet, 40% abv

Sweet, nutty, floral aromas and spices on the nose. Zesty yet silky mouthfeel. Mild licorice notes then flowers, mild sweet spices underpinned by red fruit on the palate. Sweetish medium finish.

Gibson's Finest Rare 18 Years Old

Gibson's Finest Rare 18 Years Old, 40% abv

Lovely tangy corn, sweet spices and almonds on the nose. Smooth yet zesty mouthfeel. Caramel, oranges, luscious corn notes on the palate. Lovely sweet silky corn on a medium finish,