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Whisky Scores

Glenfiddich 12 Years Old Special Reserve

Glenfiddich 12 Years Old Special Reserve, 40% abv

Apples, wildflowers, light spices, white fruit and pear candies on the nose. Fresh light mouthfeel. More flowers, light fruit, green apples on the palate. Medium short almost thin finish.

Holyrood Black Cork

Holyrood Black Cork, 60% abv

Caramel, fresh fruit, cocoa and chalky aromas on the nose. Coffee fruity mouthfeel. Fruity ale, malty, roasted fruit, red berry beer, wee peat note and creamy on the palate. Medium finish. NOTE: The score is based on my appreciation of this as new make spirit, not as a whisky.

Linkwood 12 Years Old, Single Highland Malt

Linkwood 12 Years Old, Single Highland Malt, 43.4% abv

Rich, melons fulsome, lovely floral aromas, honey and vanilla on the nose. Sweet honey mouthfeel. Tropical fruit, pineapples, Manuka honey with rich vanilla notes on the palate. Honey and mild fruit on a medium long finish.

Cask Islay Cask Strength Sherry Edition

Cask Islay Cask Strength Sherry Edition, 59.9% abv

Slow to open, dry peat, distant sherry aromas, sweet oak caramel and toasted honey on the nose. Round soft mouthfeel. Honey, flowers, very light smoke, honey and bacon on the palate. Some sherry and sweet earthiness on a medium finish. Lacks balance.

Highland Park Harald

Highland Park Harald, 40% abv

Sweet rich floral peat dominates at the outset then hint of lemon, sherry, toffee, coffee, honey and roasted nuts on the nose. Soft yet lively mouthfeel. Coffee and toffee on a teeter totter honey glazed peat, tangy sweet spices and hint of lemon on the palate. Caramel, peat and coffee on a medium finish.

Amrut Naarangi

Amrut Naarangi, 50% abv

Fresh orange peel, dry citrus, flowers and warm butter on the nose. Round mouthfeel. Light orange sensation with a pleasant tang on the palate. Short sweet finish. Very SIMPLE.

Glenallachie 2006 15 Years Old

Glenallachie 2006 15 Years Old, 59.2% abv

Raisins, sherry incense, dark fruit, brown sugar, cassis, creamy red berries, rich plum pudding and dry spices on the nose. Tangy mouthfeel. Brown sugar, sherry, tangy then coffee notes emerge followed by thick spicy syrup on the palate. Tangy and rich notes on a medium finish.

Tamdhu 15 Years Old, 2019 Release

Tamdhu 15 Years Old, 2019 Release, 46% abv

Sherry infused citrus marmalade, tropical fruit, lemons, oranges, limes, honey and warm vanilla citrus pie on the nose. Warming mouthfeel. Rich, tangy oranges, sherry, red berries, bittersweet citrus peel on the palate. Sherry and citrus notes on a medium finish.

Highland Park 18 Years Old

Highland Park 18 Years Old, 43% abv

Soft spices, flowers, old oranges and light sweet peat on the nose. Spicy mouthfeel. Flowers, ginger, touch of salt, then mint and plain spiciness. Medium finish.

SMWS 64.138 Perfect For Tannin

SMWS 64.138 Perfect For Tannin, 58.1% abv

Soft honey, gentle sherry, vanilla and spices on the nose. Oily mouthfeel. Dry spices, rich flowers, sherry, honey, spices and vanilla creams on the palate. Medium finish.