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Whisky Scores

Deanston 20 Years Old

Deanston 20 Years Old, 55.3% abv

Warm stewed figs, rich fruit, apples, floral aromas, spices, sweet sherry and Moreno cherries on the nose. Luscious soft sherry mouthfeel. Warm sweet tobacco, sherry and red berries on the palate. Gentle nourishing sherry on a medium long finish.

Deanston 18 Years Old

Deanston 18 Years Old, 46.3% abv

Light floral marmalade, mild honey, nutty and ripe apple peels on the nose. Round, soft lemony mouthfeel. Chewy honey, nutmeg, ginger and spicy fruit on the palate. Medium light zesty finish.

Deanston 2002 16 Years Old, Organic Oloroso

Deanston 2002 16 Years Old, Organic Oloroso, 50.6% abv

Spices, raisins, cinnamon, cloves, dry dark fruit, figs, caramel, vanilla butterscotch on the nose. Lovely wine syrup mouthfeel. Sherry, cocoa, toffee, luscious red fruit on the palate. Well balanced. Light lingering luscious fruit on a medium long finish.

Deanston 15 Years Old Organic

Deanston 15 Years Old Organic, 46.3% abv

Deep floral and fresh apples, mild sherry and vanilla aromas on the nose. Creamy soft dry spicy mouthfeel. Tangy citrus, dry honey then barley notes emerge on the palate. A straightforward dram. Medium short zesty finish.

Deanston 12 Years Old

Deanston 12 Years Old, 46.3% abv

Honey, dry white fruit, pears, sweet floral aromas, malty and rich vanilla on the nose. Zesty round floral mouthfeel. Fresh, crisp fruit then honey, toffee and vanilla on the palate. Medium citric vanilla finish.

Bunnahabhain 16 Years Old Manzanilla Sherry Wood Finish

Bunnahabhain 16 Years Old Manzanilla Sherry Wood Finish, 53.2% abv

Sherry, rich fruit, dry oaky spices, salty, nutty, wine aromas on the nose. Creamy sweet marzipan mouthfeel. Almonds, tangy marshmallows, zesty oranges, sherry, cocoa then red fruit in wine sauce on the palate. Medium long luscious finish.

Laphroaig Lore

Laphroaig Lore, 48% abv

Spicy, dry oaky peat, earthy, sweet seaside iodine aromas, fish in sherry sauce on the nose. Sweet peat and mild tangy mouthfeel. Sweet earthy iodine, warm fruit in caramel sauce, cocoa and salty peat on the palate. Medium rich peaty finish.

Lagavulin Distillery Exclusive 2017

Lagavulin Distillery Exclusive 2017, 54.1% abv

Sweet honey, tar, apples, caramel, cloves and mild pepper on the nose. Dry sweet mild peaty mouthfeel. Delicate, sweet dry peat, orange notes and a touch of salt on the palate. Elegant. Soft lingering medium long finish.

Koval 100% Millet

Koval 100% Millet, 40% abv

Apples, wintergreen, fruity varnish on the nose. Oily, heavy floral mouthfeel. Robust at outset then calms down with floral and cereal notes then spices, sweet fruit and nuts on the palate. Medium short finish.

Deanston Virgin Oak Finish

Deanston Virgin Oak Finish, 46.3% abv

Warm apples, spices, dry honey, vanilla and oak aromas on the nose. Gentle, fresh mouthfeel. White fruit, honey, vanilla, light zesty fruity notes on the palate. Vanilla nail polish on a medium finish.