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Whisky Scores

Dubh Glas Gratitude

Dubh Glas Gratitude, 46% abv

Fresh, pine needles, forest breeze, almonds, honey and nutty aromas on the nose. Sweet lively mouthfeel. Soft spicy honey, rich evergreen and floral notes on the palate. Dry spices on a medium long finish.

Black Tot Rum

Black Tot Rum, 46.2% abv

Dry licorice, hint of smoke, smoked pineapple and citrus on the nose. Light smoky citrus mouthfeel. Dry, smoky fruit, spices, vanilla, mild white pepper on the palate, Simple. Smoke, spices and light zestiness on a medium finish.

Elements of Islay Full Proof

Elements of Islay Full Proof, 59.3% abv

Biscuity peat, light cereal aromas, malty, honey and vanilla on the nose. Ever present sweet peat mouthfeel. Lovely whiff of sweet peat on a medium finish.

Elements of Islay Peat Pure

Elements of Islay Peat Pure, 45% abv

Dry, citrusy peat, vanilla, lime aromas with honey and lemon on the nose. Tangy sweet peaty mouthfeel. Grapefruit drizzled on a peat sauce, thick, smooth, lemon lime peat notes and gentle spices on the palate. Lovely citrus and peat on a medium long finish.

Glen Elgin 12 Years Old Cask 807785 SMS

Glen Elgin 12 Years Old Cask 807785 SMS, 58.8% abv

Lovely nuttiness and rich dry floral aromas on the nose. Thick, rich mouthfeel. Vanilla, sumptuous honey notes, fulsome floral bouquet then fruit and more flowers on the palate. Thick, mildly spicy medium finish.

Port Askaig 8 Years Old

Port Askaig 8 Years Old, 45.8% abv

Vegetal, malty, dry smoke, grassy then barnyard aromas on the nose. Smooth salty sea breeze mouthfeel. Lightly smoked vegetables, briny, light peat with a touch of honey on the palate. Gentle peat on a medium finish.

Mannochmore 2009 11 Years Old, Parcel No 5

Mannochmore 2009 11 Years Old, Parcel No 5, 48% abv

Lively, spices, earthy, acorns and a hint of cedar smoke on the nose. Tangy spicy mouthfeel. Fulsome fruitiness, soft, dry, nutty on the palate. Simple. Tangy smoky medium finish.

Ardbeg Smoke Trails Manzanilla Edition

Ardbeg Smoke Trails Manzanilla Edition, 46% abv

Honey, soot, fruit, flowers and salty nuttiness on the nose. Sweet creosote mouthfeel. Luscious, rich, sooty, spices, honey, licorice and peaty custard on the palate. Lovely peaty creamy medium long finish.

Grain Henge 43 Months Old

Grain Henge 43 Months Old, 58.2% abv

Almonds, lovely soft spices, dry yet sweet aromas on the nose. Gentle baking spices mouthfeel. Thick, rich, caramel and spices on the palate. Lovely zestiness and spices on a medium long finish.

Grain Henge 39 Months Old

Grain Henge 39 Months Old, 46.6% abv

Gentle, cereal aromas, malty and grassy on the nose. Mild, rich tangy mouthfeel. Lovely spices, fruit, thick, very smooth, rich with malty rye notes on the palate. Luscious rich malty medium long finish.