Koval 100% Millet, 40% abv

Koval 100% Millet, 40% abv

Koval 100% Millet

Score 77

Average Score 75

Highest Score 82

Lowest Score 68

# of Times Scored 6

This Grain Whisky is distilled by Koval in USA.

Tasting notes:

Apples, wintergreen, fruity varnish on the nose. Oily, heavy floral mouthfeel. Robust at outset then calms down with floral and cereal notes then spices, sweet fruit and nuts on the palate. Medium short finish.

  • Koval 100% Millet, 40% abv

    Sweet, nutty, floral aromas and spices on the nose. Zesty yet silky mouthfeel. Mild licorice notes then flowers, mild sweet spices underpinned by red fruit on the palate. Sweetish medium finish.


    Koval 100% Millet, 40% abv

    Candied cherries, nutty floral nail polish on the nose. Tangy perfumed mouthfeel. Zesty fruit, sweet floral notes dominated by nail polish on the palate. Tangy medium short finish.


    Koval 100% Millet, 40% abv

    Sweet grainy varnish, red fruit, raspberries and mild edgy floral aromas on the nose. Sweet herbal mouthfeel. Lovely spices, red berries, cherries and soft tangy spices on the palate. Soft fruity spices on a medium finish.


    Koval 100% Millet, 40% abv

    Fruity varnish, minor spice on the nose. Dry honey, oaky bacon, waxy cedar on the palate.


    Koval 100% Millet, 40% abv

    Fresh, mild bourbon and wintergreen varnish on the nose. Round, dry, solventy honey on the palate. Tingling finish. An interesting purchase at $37.


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