Ardbeg Blaaack, 46% abv

Ardbeg Blaaack, 46% abv

Ardbeg Blaaack

Score 86

Average Score 81

Highest Score 86

Lowest Score 77

# of Times Scored 3

This Single Malt is distilled by Ardbeg in Islay.

Tasting notes:

Lemony tar aromas, rich oakum, citrus and a tropical fruit compote on the nose. Citrus and peat dominate the mouthfeel. Lovely fruit, salty seaside breezes, lemons then loads of peat on the palate. Rich, fruity solid medium finish.

  • Ardbeg Blaaack, 46% abv

    Rich smoky sherry aromas, gentle fruit, warm peaty syrup and red berries on the nose. Mild smoky jam mouthfeel. Jammy, herbal, dried fruit, lovely sweet/savoury balance, orange peel and tobacco on the palate. Simple. Red jam on a medium short finish.


    Ardbeg Blaaack, 46% abv

    Soft floral aromas, gentle peat and mild ashes on the nose. Oily ashes mouthfeel. Light floral notes and sweet peat on the palate. Mild soft peat on a medium finish. Balanced. Simple.


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