Lot No 40, 43% abv

Lot No 40, 43% abv

Lot No 40

Score 82

Average Score 79

Highest Score 85

Lowest Score 71

# of Times Scored 5

This Rye is distilled by Corby in Canada.

Tasting notes:

.Sweet, smooth, peppery and (of course), rye with a long finnish of cane syrup. This gets my vote as the best Canadian whisky. An outstanding Canadian whisky

  • Lot No 40, 43% abv

    Fresh almond varnish, brown sugar, corn syrup and caramel tannins on the nose. Tangy acorn mouthfeel. Sweet dry wood, nutty caramel, oaky corn, bittersweet notes on the palate. Simple. Zesty sweet nutty medium finish. Simple.


    Lot No 40, 43% abv

    Spicy rye bread then nutty spearmint on the nose. Spices, edgy caramel and a bit rough on the palate. Nice dry finish.


    Lot No 40, 43% abv

    Sweet rye and light spices on the nose. Fresh, light, velvety spices and solventy almonds on the palate.


    Lot No 40, 43% abv

    Floral with mild wintergreen notes on the nose. Rich, round and amazingly powerful with smooth creamy spices on the palate. A great dram and best buy.


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