Tullamore Dew, 40% abv

Tullamore Dew, 40% abv

Tullamore Dew

Score 72

Average Score 72

Highest Score 76

Lowest Score 67

# of Times Scored 3

This Blended Whisky is distilled by Tullamore Dew in Ireland.

Tasting notes:

Earthy grassiness with a touch of caramel on the nose. A bit edgy on the palate with sweet asparagus notes. Medium to light finish.

  • Tullamore Dew, 40% abv

    Honey, biscuity, white fruit acetone and dry floral aromas on the nose. Soft then honey tingling mouthfeel. Gentle floral shortbread cookies, rich, cereal notes and honey on the palate. Sweet honey and apple peel on a medium finish.


    Tullamore Dew, 40% abv

    Sweet old fruit aromas initially then dry solventy notes with incense wafting in and out on the nose. The mouthfeel is a bit rough, like fine sandpaper - but unpleasant, just a bit edgy. A simple dram.