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Whisky Scores

Penderyn Merlyn

Penderyn Merlyn, 17% abv

Chocolate creams and floral biscuits on the nose. Creamy cocoa and fruity mouthfeel. Tropical fruit, cocoa then sweet silky soap on the palate. Sweet fruity medium finish. Was great until the soap appeared.

Penderyn Celt

Penderyn Celt, 41% abv

Ripe fruit barnyard aromas, sweet sulphur and spices on the nose. Sweet rich peaty mouthfeel. Warm fruit, peaches, apricots and peat on the palate. Mild sulphur and peat notes on a medium finish.

Penderyn Myth

Penderyn Myth, 41% abv

Hint of wintergreen, ripe fruit, conifers, floral aromas and spices on the nose. Mild tangy peachy mouthfeel. Fruit, bittersweet dry peaches on the palate. Simple. Wine and fruit notes on a medium finish.

Penderyn Legend

Penderyn Legend, 41% abv

Ripe apricots, floral, honey, warm vanilla, sweet herbal aromas and dry grasses on the nose. Tangy spicy mango mouthfeel. Acerbic tropical fruit and zesty peaches on the palate. Medium short tart finish. Needs a drop or two of water.

Collectivum XXVII

Collectivum XXVII, 57.3% abv

Fresh, oaky, vanilla then mild sweet peat on the nose. Dry, tangy fruity mouthfeel. Malty, sherry, citrus notes ,robust with sweet peat undertones on the palate. Soft yet zesty dried fruit on a medium palate.

Ardnamurchan Spirit 2019, Release #4

Ardnamurchan Spirit 2019, Release #4, 57.4% abv

Mushrooms, wee sulphur, barnyard varnish, light spices and fruit on the nose. Dry zesty mouthfeel. Smoke, mild peat, light sherry, heavy fruit and sweet sulphur on the palate. Medium tangy finish. Needs time.

Talisker 8 Years Old, Cask Strentgh

Talisker 8 Years Old, Cask Strentgh, 59.4% abv

Floral licorice, wintergreen, light earthy smoke and tarry aromas on the nose. Tangy citrus and smoky mouthfeel. Zesty, lemons, light peat and sweet fruit on the palate. Soft tingling lemons on a medium finish.

Compass Box The Lost Blend

Compass Box The Lost Blend, 46% abv

Honey, mild smoke, vanilla, oaky and light peat on the nose. Rich oily ginger mouthfeel. Honey, peat, mild tang and ginger on the palate. Wholesome spices, fruity vanilla on a medium finish.

Deanston 40 Years Old

Deanston 40 Years Old, 45.6% abv

Luscious rich fruit aromas, vanilla, strawberries and vanilla on the nose. Lovely honey cocoa mouthfeel. Amazing ripe fruit, red berries, milk chocolate with cherries then creamy fruity fudge on the palate. Elegant. Long lingering fruity finish. WOW!

Deanston 2004 PX

Deanston 2004 PX, 55.7% abv

Sherry, apples, mild cinnamon, nutmeg and rich fruit aromas on the nose. Buttery fruity mouthfeel. Spicy, caramel, sweet oak, creamy dried fruit on the palate. gentle luscious fruity medium long finish.