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Whisky Scores

SMWS 93.174 Fortune Favours The Brave, 8 Years Old

SMWS 93.174 Fortune Favours The Brave, 8 Years Old, 57.8% abv

Smoked cheese, barnyard, sweet horse manure on the nose. Dirty sweet peaty mouthfeel. Peat, smoke, dill, sweet fruit on the palate. Lovely sweet smoky fruit on a medium long finish.

GrainHenge Meeting Creek

GrainHenge Meeting Creek, 56.7% abv

Malty flowers, rich buttery spices, honey and oranges on the nose. Tangy round mouthfeel. Thick, smooth, rich, fulsome fruit, almonds, spices, sweet dry notes on the palate. Intense syrupy malt on a medium long finish.

GrainHenge Elevator Row Whisky

GrainHenge Elevator Row Whisky, 58.2% abv

Malty,, honey, almonds, rich, lovely honey and fruit aromas on the nose. Somoth intense sweet spices mouthfeel. Rich velvety spices, barley, malty, sweet cereal and honey on the palate. Smooth, rich, lovely intensity on a long finish.

Grain Henge Arrowwood Whisky

Grain Henge Arrowwood Whisky, 46.6% abv

Rich rye, almonds, floral, cereal and spices on the nose. Spicy rye mouthfeel. Rich rye notes, smooth, gentle tingling spices, almond varnish, ginger and cloves on the palate. Intense rye and spices on a medium long finish.

Busker Single Pot Still

Busker Single Pot Still, 44.3% abv

Cocoa, oranges, buckwheat honey, flowers and tropical fruit on the nose. Sweet floral spicy mouthfeel. Lovely floral, cocoa and ginger notes and mild sherry on the palate. Honey, tropical fruit and gentle spices on a medium finish. V4$

Busker Single Malt

Busker Single Malt, 44.3% abv

Floral, fruit, honey, sherry and barley sugar on the nose. Dry citric honey mouthfeel. Apples, pears, ginger, sherry, dry fruit then toasty notes on the palate. Dry herbs and honey on a medium finish.

Busker Single Grain

Busker Single Grain, 44.3% abv

Honey, vanilla, flowers, oak and dry fruit on the nose. Rich dry honey mouthfeel. Cereal notes, spices, honey, oak, mild bitter herbal notes on the palate. Savoury/sweet herbal notes on a medium finish.

Busker Triple Cask

Busker Triple Cask, 40% abv

Manuka honey, banana, floral, fruity aromas on the nose. Thick sweet smooth mouthfeel. Light tropical fruit notes, sweet grasses, honey and rich fulsome floral notes on the palate. Sweet fruity medium finish.

Moonbrock 10 Years Old, Secret Islay Whisky, Port Barrique

Moonbrock 10 Years Old, Secret Islay Whisky, Port Barrique, 53.8% abv

Raspberry smoke and red fruit dominate the nose then soft spices. Sweet robust jammy mouthfeel. Dark dry fruit, light tannins then lovely red berry notes, raspberries and strawberries, mild cloves on the palate. Rich red fruit on a medium finish.

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban, 46% abv

Red fruit, coca and raspberries on the nose. Soft, dry fruity mouthfeel. Lovely fruit, rich dry fruit notes, bittersweet raspberry compote on the palate. Drying red fruit and tannin notes on a medium finish.