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Whisky Scores

Cirka No 3 Rye, 4 Years Old

Cirka No 3 Rye, 4 Years Old, 46% abv

Sharp floral aromas, spices, biscuity, mild rye, malty, pickles and nuts on the nose. Smooth rich rye mouthfeel. Round, nutty, acorns, soft spices, dry, light zestiness, rye bread notes, honey, white pepper, red fruit then cocoa on the palate. Nutty rye spices on a medium finish.

Old Grand-Dad 4 Years Old High Rye Bonded

Old Grand-Dad 4 Years Old High Rye Bonded, 50% abv

Spices, almonds, rye aromas then caramel and honey on the nose. Tangy spicy mouthfeel. Spices, zesty edgy rye notes with corn undertones on the palate. Soft dry bourbon style medium finish.

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye, 45% abv

Soft rye aromas, licorice, anise, juniper then juicy-fruit and gentle spices on the nose. Juicy-fruit spices mouthfeel. Sweet oak, caramel, banana and cloves on the palate. Gentle rye sensation and soft spices on a medium finish.

Canadian Club 20 Years Old

Canadian Club 20 Years Old, 40% abv

Light corn, buttery, mild spices, toffee, vanilla and apples on the nose. Honey, spices mouthfeel. Smooth, honey, gentle spices with caramel notes on the palate. Soft gentle mild fruit and honey on a medium long finish.

McLoughlin & Steele Canadian Rye Whisky

McLoughlin & Steele Canadian Rye Whisky, 40% abv

Light, honey, sweet gentle corn rye aromas and melons on the nose. Corn and spices mouthfeel. Dry ginger, rye notes, white pepper and a hint of cloves on the palate. Sweet spicy medium finish. Gentle, straightforward.

Wiser's 23 Years Old

Wiser's 23 Years Old, 64.3% abv

Rich cereal, spices, lovely rye aromas and caramel on the nose. Intense floral spicy mouthfeel. Lovely spicy cereal, caramel, grain notes on the palate. Thick syrupy tingling grain on a medium long finish.

Grain Henge Arrowwood Whisky

Grain Henge Arrowwood Whisky, 46.6% abv

Rich rye, almonds, floral, cereal and spices on the nose. Spicy rye mouthfeel. Rich rye notes, smooth, gentle tingling spices, almond varnish, ginger and cloves on the palate. Intense rye and spices on a medium long finish.

Kinsip Whisky (Sample)

Kinsip Whisky (Sample), 42% abv

Fresh apple varnish, honey, hay and dry vanilla on the nose. Light fruity mouthfeel. Young, fruity and sweet on the palate. Simple. Medium short finish.

Little Book Chapter Two

Little Book Chapter Two, 59.48% abv

Light almonds, sweet corn, dry spices, pine forest and herbal aromas on the nose. Robust sweet corn and caramel mouthfeel. Round, fulsome, creamy spices, soft corn almonds and bittersweet cherries on the palate. Lovely long finish.

Canadian Club 20 Years Old

Canadian Club 20 Years Old, 40% abv

Soft, rich fruit, corn, caramel, lovely sweet rye spices and cherries on the nose. Luxurious corn and cherry mouthfeel. Caramel, rye notes, soft spices, dry corn and almond nuttiness on the palate. Lovely fruit, spices, corn and caramel on a medium long finish.