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Whisky Scores

Black Bottle

Black Bottle, 40% abv

Dry flowers, hay aromas and mild sweet spices on the nose. Gentle floral notes, lovely light fruit notes, soft spices on the palate. A gentle easy drinking dram.

Johnnie Walker Double Black

Johnnie Walker Double Black, 40% abv

Candied floral peat, caramel, vanilla and spices then hint of smoked sausage on the nose. Sweet light peat and dried fruit on the palate. Balanced. Straightforward sweet light peat finish.

Shinobu Pure Malt Whisky Mizunara Oak

Shinobu Pure Malt Whisky Mizunara Oak, 43% abv

Ginger, spices then fruit aromas on the nose. Soft mouthfeel, almonds and fruit on the palate. Medium-short light sweet finish.


Jameson, 40% abv

Soft, light fruit, some coconut and gentle spices on the nose. Smooth, fruit, vanilla and sweet nuttiness on the palate. Medium short dry sweet vanilla finish.

Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Years Old

Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Years Old, 43% abv

Heavy fruity varnish with a touch of mint on the nose. Smooth rich fruit medley, thick, luscious, dry soft spices and grasses on the palate. Rich fulsome medium finish.

The Naked Grouse

The Naked Grouse, 43% abv

Barnyard sweetness, malty with mild sherry aromas on the nose. Dry, ripe red fruit, mild spices on the palate. Simple medium short finish.

Nikka Super Blend

Nikka Super Blend, 43% abv

Caramel and citrus jam aromas on the nose. Soft dry fruit and mild spices on the palate. Fruit medley then dry citrus on the finish.

Compass Box - Stranger & Stranger

Compass Box - Stranger & Stranger, 46% abv

Pine forest, fruit medley, rich sweet grape must and ginger on the nose. Luscious soft fruit and buttery caramel on the palate. Medium long finish.

Compass Box - Delilah's XXV

Compass Box - Delilah's XXV, 46% abv

Lovely fruit and floral aromas, sherry and soft spices on the nose. Sweet sherry, rich dry soft spices followed by creamy fruit on the palate. Gentle long fruit laden finish.

Forty Creek Unity

Forty Creek Unity, 43% abv

Mild caramel, wheat, dry floral aromas,corn and oak on the nose. Lovely caramel popcorn, soft anise and grasses on the palate.