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Whisky Scores

Bastille Blended Whisky

Bastille Blended Whisky, 40% abv

Luscious peach perfume, rich floral aromas and fruit drops on the nose. Stone fruit syrup, sweet strawberries, bittersweet oranges with a hint of soap. Very sweet medium finish. A digestif.


Paddy, 40% abv

Citrus smoke, lime and lemon zest, dry spices and honey on the nose, Vanilla, bittersweet honey, zesty tropical fruit on the palate. Dry tingling short finish,

Clontarf Classic Blend

Clontarf Classic Blend, 40% abv

Stewed red fruit, heavy floral aromas on the nose. Tangy, very dry fruit on the palate. Rough mouthfeel. Short sharp finish.

Black Bull 12 Years Old

Black Bull 12 Years Old, 50% abv

Rich caramel, raisins, red fruit, dusty dry spices, bittersweet oranges, vanilla and sherry aromas on the nose. Tangy mouthfeel, sweet fruity notes, almonds and more sherry on the palate. Long rich, lightly spiced heavy fruit filled finish.

Barr an Uisce Wicklow Rare

Barr an Uisce Wicklow Rare, 43% abv

Wintergreen, pine needles, absinthe, pears, vanilla and honey on the nose. Spicy, light pine forrest mist and soft fruit on the palate. Short, soft sweet dry finish.

Glen Spey Blended Fine Old Scotch Whisky

Glen Spey Blended Fine Old Scotch Whisky, 43% abv

Soft light sherry aromas,sweet raisins and red fruit on the nose. Sweet light yet luscious sherry notes and jammy red berry syrup on the palate. Medium short sweet red berries and light sherry on finish. An absolute delight.

Gooderham & Worts 19 Years Old 49 Wellington

Gooderham & Worts 19 Years Old 49 Wellington, 49% abv

Vanilla, caramel, soft light spices on the nose. Lovely gentle caramel notes and brown sugar on the palate. Medium long sweet finish.

Johnnie Walker Double Black

Johnnie Walker Double Black, 40% abv

Sweet caramel smoke and dry grasses on the nose. Sweet, smoke, mild peat on the palate. Short finish. A simple one dimensional dram.

Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve

Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve, 43% abv

Rich, round, candied almonds, spicy caramel on the nose. Lovely soft rich mouthfeel, red fruit and mild nuttiness on the palate. Well balanced, medium long soft rich finish.

Stock & Barrel Blue Blend

Stock & Barrel Blue Blend, 40% abv

Soft sweet rye, mild corn, floral and light spices on the nose. Rich spicy notes then sweet almonds and rye on the palate. Soft, spicy sweet rye and cinnamon on the finish.