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Whisky Scores

Midleton Very Rare, 2016 Release

Midleton Very Rare, 2016 Release, 40% abv

Lovely light spices, fruity, hint of licorice, vanilla, apples and toffee on the nose. Mellow luscious mouthfeel. Warm fruit compote, vanilla candies, caramel, fulsome sweet spices on the palate. Elegant fruit and soft spices on a medium long finish.

Black Bottle 10 Years Old

Black Bottle 10 Years Old, 40% abv

Caramel, fruit, almonds, sweet berry pie and a whiff of smoke on the nose. Mild creamy peaty mouthfeel. Red fruit, sweet peat, sea coast notes, smoky and creamy tannins on the palate. Pepper, peat, honey, tar on a medium finish.

Black Bottle

Black Bottle, 40% abv

Baked apples, vanilla, caramel, biscuity with a hint of sherry on the nose. Warm light sherry mouthfeel. Loght licorice notes, sweet, oaky, dark fruit, spices with a hint of smoke on the palate. Sweet peppery, spices and fruit on a medium finish.

Berry Brothers and Rudd 40 Years Old Blended Whisky

Berry Brothers and Rudd 40 Years Old Blended Whisky, 46% abv

Stewed fruit, lovely sherry aromas, orange marmalade, caramel and raisins on the nose. Rich, tangy but gentle mouthfeel. Christmas pudding, sherry, coffee, caramel, touch of lemon, mild spices, cacao and tobacco on the palate. Clementines and sweet sherry on a medium long finish.

The Wild Geese Limited Edition Fourth Centennial

The Wild Geese Limited Edition Fourth Centennial, 40% abv

Caramel popcorn, sweet red fruit with a hint of smoke on the nose. Sweet corn mouthfeel. Caramel then red fruit bathed in corn syrup and a hint of spices on the palate. Medium sweet finish

The Shackleton Blended Malt

The Shackleton Blended Malt, 40% abv

Mild pear apple acetone, cinnamon, fruit and spices on the nose. Sweet thin tangy mouthfeel. Fruit, light honey, vanilla and a wee edginess on the palate. Tangy short finish.

Loch Lomond 12 Years Old

Loch Lomond 12 Years Old, 46% abv

Warm cinnamon, fruit, sweet toasted almonds, dry caramel and cedar smoke on the nose. Round fruity mouthfeel. Zesty apples, peaches, pears, vanilla, cinnamon and dry honey on the palate. Honey and soft spices on a medium finish.

Wakatsuru Moon Glow

Wakatsuru Moon Glow, 43% abv

Sweet oak, dry spices, fruit, woody then pineapple aromas on the nose. Tangy oak and dry oranges mouthfeel. Citrus, lemon smoke, sweet peat, gentle zest and floral notes, honey on the palate. Sweet citrus on a medium short finish.

Hibiki Japanese Harmony

Hibiki Japanese Harmony, 43% abv

Almonds, rich floral aromas, honey, vanilla, dry grasses, apples and cedar on the nose. Soft floral mouthfeel. Gentle spices, wildflower honey then fruity and floral notes on the palate. Mild floral and fruit on a medium finish.

Johnnie Walker Pure Malt 15 Years Old

Johnnie Walker Pure Malt 15 Years Old, 43% abv

Apples, almonds, honey, caramel and floral bouquet aromas on the nose. Smooth fulsome floral mouthfeel. Luscious fruit, spices and toffee on the palate. Well balanced. Rich floral and fruit notes on a medium finish.