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Collectivum XXVII

Collectivum XXVII, 57.3% abv

Fresh, oaky, vanilla then mild sweet peat on the nose. Dry, tangy fruity mouthfeel. Malty, sherry, citrus notes ,robust with sweet peat undertones on the palate. Soft yet zesty dried fruit on a medium palate.

Compass Box The Lost Blend

Compass Box The Lost Blend, 46% abv

Honey, mild smoke, vanilla, oaky and light peat on the nose. Rich oily ginger mouthfeel. Honey, peat, mild tang and ginger on the palate. Wholesome spices, fruity vanilla on a medium finish.

Compass Box - The Spice Tree

Compass Box - The Spice Tree, 46% abv

Floral, caramel and lovely spice aromas on the nose. Smooth, soft spicy mouthfeel. Pears, apples, touch of absinthe and cardamom on the palate. Light, tangy, dry fruity medium finish.

Speyside 26 Years Old Single Malt

Speyside 26 Years Old Single Malt, 51.5% abv

Rich, soft dry sherry, red fruit, vanilla pod and toasted sliced almonds on the nose. Soft yet intense fruit, sherry and spices mouthfeel. Rich spicy sherry, gentle fruit on the palate. Elegant, complex. Soft sherry and spices on a medium long finish.

Scallywag Winter Edition, Sherry Matured

Scallywag Winter Edition, Sherry Matured, 52.6% abv

Fresh white fruit, apples pears, soft spices, sherry, sweet smoke and caramel on the nose. Spices and lovely tart mouthfeel. Rich, intense sherry, dried fruit, sweet oak, cocoa, spices and dry caramel on the palate. Sherry and spices on a medium finish.

The Epicurian Rivesaltes Edition

The Epicurian Rivesaltes Edition, 48% abv

Rich, sweet, dry almonds, stewed fruit and warm citrus marmalade aromas on the nose. Zesty fruity mouthfeel. Rich, honey, cereal, sweet dry oranges and citrus notes on the palate. Tangy fruit on a medium finish.

Big Peat The Black Edition, The Vintage Series 1992 27 Years Old

Big Peat The Black Edition, The Vintage Series 1992 27 Years Old, 48.3% abv

Muscular peat, dry tar, fruit, sherry, smoke and sweet maritime aromas on the nose. Smooth sweet sherry mouthfeel. Lovely smoke, rich sherry, salty toffee, tobacco and mellow peat on the palate. Soft peaty dry medium finish.

Kaiyo Mizunara Oak

Kaiyo Mizunara Oak, 53% abv

Pine forest, sweet cedar, spices, smoke and fruit on the nose. Sweet cedar sawmill mouthfeel. Rich, dried fruit, tart apples, cinnamon, spicy soap, menthol cough drops and a touch of salt on the palate. Ripe fruit on a medium finish.

Old Perth 41 Years Old 1977

Old Perth 41 Years Old 1977, 45.3% abv

Sherry aromas, warm Christmas pudding, mild spices, red candied fruit and a touch of mint on the nose. Rich, smooth dark fruit mouthfeel. Sherry soaked fruit cake, toffee, ginger, cinnamon and dark maple syrup on the palate. Luscious long finish.

Williamson 2005 12 Years Old, The Coopers Choice

Williamson 2005 12 Years Old, The Coopers Choice, 56.5% abv

Bacon, pancakes, earthy hay, dusty sweet barnyard then caramel and fishy vanilla on the nose. Light peaty mouthfeel. Lovely vanilla, honeyed peat, citrus, cocoa and sweet hay on the palate. Dusty sweet peat on a medium finish.