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Whisky Scores

Lagavulin 8 Years Old

Lagavulin 8 Years Old, 48% abv

Dry soft peat and smoke dominate initially then fruit and flowers emerge on the nose. Sweet peaty mouthfeel. Mellow gentle peat, vanilla, light spices and sweet fruit notes on the palate. Lightly spiced sweet peat on a medium finish. A very sippable dram.

MacDuff 2006 14 Years Old, Valinch & Mallet

MacDuff 2006 14 Years Old, Valinch & Mallet, 52.4% abv

Sherry, raisins, tobacco and molasses on the nose. Rich dark fruit mouthfeel. Lovely sherry/port notes, plums, figs, dates and gentle spices on the palate. Delightful dram with fruit and rich sherry on a medium long finish.

SMWS 35.135 A pure stoater

SMWS 35.135 A pure stoater, 55.9% abv

Rich deep fruit, cinnamon, oak, honey, buttery and sweet tobacco on the nose. Luscious intense mouthfeel. Dry cocoa, rich fruit, buttery, sweet oak, cinnamon, leather, spices, anise and honey on the palate. Milk chocolate and spices on a long finish.

Lindores Abbey, Commemorative First Release

Lindores Abbey, Commemorative First Release, 46% abv

Fresh fruit, dry mangoes, honey, spices, sweet vanilla, cocoa and mild nuttiness on the nose. Fulsome rich spicy mouthfeel. Dry fruit, spices, floral notes and mild tannins on the palate. Wholesome. Fruit and lovely tartness on a medium finish.

Caribou Crossing Single Barrel

Caribou Crossing Single Barrel, 40% abv

Caramel, dry corn, light fruit and almonds on the nose. Soft rich corn mouthfeel. Mild tang, floral corn syrup, soft spices, sweet oak notes on the palate. Silky corn on a medium finish.

Bain's Harrier Whisky

Bain's Harrier Whisky, 43% abv

Unripened melons, flower's in florist's cooler, metallic aromas on the nose. Smooth, thin mouthfeel. Gentle, mild spices, sweet caramel on the palate. Dry sweet oak on a short finish. Sippable.

Dubh Glas Barrel D-014

Dubh Glas Barrel D-014, 66.4% abv

Candied fruit drops, warm sweet vanilla berry custard on the nose. Floral citric mouthfeel. Lovely soft tangy citric notes, fruit undertones, citrus, cocoa and bittersweet caramel on the palate. Citrus and light toffee on a medium long finish.

Dubh Glas Barrel B-014 KWM

Dubh Glas Barrel B-014 KWM, 62.5% abv

Tingling floral and pine tree aromas, lemons, allspice, nutmeg and soft oak on the nose. Tingling zesty mouthfeel. Orange zest, light spices, pink grapefruit on the palate. Spicy oakiness on a medium long finish.

Dubh Glas Barrel F-007

Dubh Glas Barrel F-007, 63.8% abv

Light oak, warm light rye bread and floral aromas on the nose. Spicy floral mouthfeel. Sweet tingling fruit, citrus notes, wild berries and light peat on the palate. Lovely fruit and citrus on a medium long finish.

Dubh Glas Jail Bait

Dubh Glas Jail Bait, 46% abv

Sweet pine, soft juniper, lemons, vanilla, oak and banana bread on the nose. Gentle citric mouthfeel. Mild pink grapefruit notes, soft tropical fruit and icing sugar on the palate. Fresh energizing citrus on a medium long finish.