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Whisky Scores

Edradour 10 Years Old Un-Chillfiltered Cask 184

Edradour 10 Years Old Un-Chillfiltered Cask 184, 46% abv

Sweet spices, sherry incense, cedar and dry raisins on the nose. Tangy sherry mouthfeel. Lovely sherry notes, a bit thin yet minor zestyness and oaky on the palate.

Bunnahabhain 2008 Manzanilla 11 Years Old

Bunnahabhain 2008 Manzanilla 11 Years Old, 52.3% abv

Burnt toffee, sherry, Christmas pudding, candied fruit, luscious sweet peat on the nose. Rich spicy fruity mouthfeel. Mildly peated salty caramel, nutty, white fruit, sticky toffee pudding and buttery rum on the palate. Long rich candied dark fruit finish.

Tobermory 12 Years Old

Tobermory 12 Years Old, 46.3% abv

Rich warm lemon pie aromas, vanilla, honey and licorice on the nose. Spicy dry fruit mouthfeel. Dry white fruit, ginger, vanilla and a touch of salt on the palate. Mild spices, soft and sweet medium finish. A straightforward dram.

Deanston 2002 Pinot Noir Cask Finish

Deanston 2002 Pinot Noir Cask Finish, 50% abv

Rich fulsome honey, licorice, vanilla and lemon tart aromas on the nose. Tart dry fruity mouthfeel. Lovely zesty red fruit compote, dry tannins, honey and mild spices on the palate. Dry, fruity and malty notes on a medium finish.

Deanston Virgin Oak Finish

Deanston Virgin Oak Finish, 46.3% abv

Caramel, honey, spices, dry red fruit, vanilla and floral aromas on the nose. Tangy red fruit mouthfeel. Zesty vanilla, spices and red fruit notes on the palate. Toffee and fruit on a medium finish.

Black Bottle 10 Years Old

Black Bottle 10 Years Old, 40% abv

Caramel, fruit, almonds, sweet berry pie and a whiff of smoke on the nose. Mild creamy peaty mouthfeel. Red fruit, sweet peat, sea coast notes, smoky and creamy tannins on the palate. Pepper, peat, honey, tar on a medium finish.

Black Bottle

Black Bottle, 40% abv

Baked apples, vanilla, caramel, biscuity with a hint of sherry on the nose. Warm light sherry mouthfeel. Loght licorice notes, sweet, oaky, dark fruit, spices with a hint of smoke on the palate. Sweet peppery, spices and fruit on a medium finish.

SMWS 105.20 Fluffy banana pancakes

SMWS 105.20 Fluffy banana pancakes, 54.8% abv

Apples, bananas, tropical fruit, vanilla and spices on the nose. Lovely light spicy mouthfeel. Luscious tropical fruit, honey coated bananas, tropical fruit and vanilla on the palate. Sweet zesty vanilla and honey on a medium finish.

Collectivum XXVII

Collectivum XXVII, 57.3% abv

Fresh, oaky, vanilla then mild sweet peat on the nose. Dry, tangy fruity mouthfeel. Malty, sherry, citrus notes ,robust with sweet peat undertones on the palate. Soft yet zesty dried fruit on a medium palate.

Ardnamurchan Spirit 2019, Release #4

Ardnamurchan Spirit 2019, Release #4, 57.4% abv

Mushrooms, wee sulphur, barnyard varnish, light spices and fruit on the nose. Dry zesty mouthfeel. Smoke, mild peat, light sherry, heavy fruit and sweet sulphur on the palate. Medium tangy finish. Needs time.