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Whisky Scores

Booker's 7 Years Old

Booker's 7 Years Old, 63.7% abv

Intense red fruit, raspberries, lovely spices, honey, rye aromas and caramel on the nose. Vigorous sweet fruity mouthfeel. Tingling red fruit, spices, bursting red berry notes on the palate. Long powerful spice and fruit notes on the finish.

Maker's Mark

Maker's Mark, 45% abv

Light cherries, corn, soft sweet fruit, red berries, vanilla and caramel perfume on the nose. Smooth sweet mouthfeel. Gentle fruit notes, caramel, red berries and oranges on the palate. Well balanced. Rich fruity medium finish.


Bulleit, 45% abv

Wet corn husks, cardboard, mild caramel, spices, oranges, cherries and vanilla on the nose. Light spicy mouthfeel. Dry, zesty red fruit, woody notes, caramel and spices on the palate. Simple. Medium short finish.

Wild Turkey 101

Wild Turkey 101, 50.5% abv

Light corn, cherry soda, caramel, mild spices and creamy vanilla on the nose. Tangy cherry mouthfeel. Zesty red berries, cotton candy and sweet caramel on the palate. Sweet lively medium long finish.

SMWS B6.2 Pumpkin Red Applesauce, 4 Years Old

SMWS B6.2 Pumpkin Red Applesauce, 4 Years Old, 56.5% abv

Sweet grasses, dry fruit, green apples and light cereal aromas on the nose. Dry herbal mouthfeel. Sweet light corn, mild spices, cereal, hint of pears and apples on the palate. Refreshing medium long finish.

Little Book Chapter Two

Little Book Chapter Two, 59.48% abv

Light almonds, sweet corn, dry spices, pine forest and herbal aromas on the nose. Robust sweet corn and caramel mouthfeel. Round, fulsome, creamy spices, soft corn almonds and bittersweet cherries on the palate. Lovely long finish.

Uncle Nearest 1856

Uncle Nearest 1856, 50% abv

Vanilla, cherries, dry corn, spices and berries on the nose. Soft corn and spicy mouthfeel. Lovely rich corn, rye notes, spices, vanilla, dry cherries and pepper on the palate. Soft smooth cherries and spices on a medium long finish.

Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond

Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond, 50% abv

Light corn, nutty, oaky, dry caramel and grasses on the nose. Tingling sweet mouthfeel. Candied nuts, soft spices, caramel, cherry syrup, oaky, dry nuttiness and nutmeg on the palate. Lively oak and spices on a medium long finish.

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2007 Edition

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2007 Edition, 47% abv

Smooth fruity caramel, vanilla, sweet corn perfume, dry cinnamon and cherry aromas on the nose. Luscious rich mouthfeel. Lovely rye, corn, gentle spices, oak, soft caramel, dark chocolate, vanilla and white pepper n the palate. Sumptuous long finish.

Eagle Rare 10 Years Old

Eagle Rare 10 Years Old, 45% abv

Dry caramel, rye, spices, vanilla, oak and corn aromas on the nose. Spicy sweet corn mouthfeel. Dry corn ,spices, grasses, vanilla biscuits on the palate. Straightforward. Highly spiced medium finish.