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Whisky Scores

Connemara Peated Single Malt

Connemara Peated Single Malt, 40% abv

Soft peated bonfire aromas on the nose. Gentle dry mouthfeel. Sweet earthy notes on the palate.

The Tyrconnell Single Malt

The Tyrconnell Single Malt, 40% abv

Varnished fruit notes on the nose. Round, well balanced with earthy mild spices and hints of apples on the palate.

Teeling Whiskey Small Batch

Teeling Whiskey Small Batch, 46% abv

Solventy fruit with rye cereal notes on the nose. Grasses emerge on the palate followed by a pleasant tang on the finish.

The Wild Geese Irish Soldiers and Heroes

The Wild Geese Irish Soldiers and Heroes, 43% abv

Fruit, citrus and berry notes on the nose. Vanilla and fruit on the palate. Smooth with a tarty tang finish.

Connemara Peated Single Malt

Connemara Peated Single Malt, 40% abv

Sweet oakum with spice on the nose. Smooth, honey tar, vanilla and sweet spices on the palate. Light tar finish.


Kilbeggan, 40% abv

Oaky lemon tart with white pepper, some spicy grasses then pear notes on the nose. Sweet, tart, fruit and grasses on the palate. Mildly complex with a dry fruit and wee solvent finish.

Yellow Spot 12 Years Old

Yellow Spot 12 Years Old, 46% abv

Apples, fruit varnish and candy floss on the nose. Chili on lips fading to rough grasses with dry burnt caramel on the palate.

Redbreast 15 Years Old

Redbreast 15 Years Old, 46% abv

Pine forest, chestnuts and deep floral notes on the nose. Smooth mild chili grasses on the palate. Sweet/sour marmalade finish

Locke's 8 Years Old

Locke's 8 Years Old, 40% abv

Sweet bananas with red fruit and candied almonds on the nose. Soft, round mouthfeel. Light, gentle sweet dry grasses on the palate. Medium short finish.

Connemara Turf Mor Small Batch Collection

Connemara Turf Mor Small Batch Collection, 58.2% abv

Dry smoke with sweet peat and almond aromas on the nose. Herbal butterscotch peat on the palate. Dry cereal finish.