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Redbreast 12 Years Old, 2012 Release

Redbreast 12 Years Old, 2012 Release, 40% abv

Light, dry brown sugar, whiff of almonds, mild sweet sherry, soft grasses, hint of celery and a tiny pleasant whiff of sulphur. Gentle mouthfeel. Some floral notes, soft fruit, very light, dry orange peel, dry sherry leather and a bit funky on the palate. Medium finish.

Waterford Peated Fenniscourt 1.1

Waterford Peated Fenniscourt 1.1, 50% abv

Sweet rich almonds, toasty caramel on the nose. Thick syrupy mouthfeel. Honey, peat syrup, light spices on the palate. Very sweet and peaty on a medium finish. SIMPLE.

Kinahan's Kask M

Kinahan's Kask M, 45% abv

Floral, honey, grasses, vanilla then white fruit on the nose. Fresh creamy mouthfeel. Sweet spices, honey, pears, syrupy, wet grasses, cloves on the palate. Light dry tropical fruit and spices on a medium finish.

Dunville's Palo Cortado 10 Years Old

Dunville's Palo Cortado 10 Years Old, 46% abv

Fresh sherry, apricots then red fruit and a hint of banana on the nose. Soft yet tingling mouthfeel. Smooth, red fruit compote, gentle spice notes and sherry undertones on the palate. Sweet red fruit on a medium finish. Very easy drinking. Well balanced.

Teeling Brabazon Batch 01

Teeling Brabazon Batch 01, 49.5% abv

Creamy sherry, deep floral aromas, soft spicy caramel and raisins on the nose. Thick mouthfeel. Rich floral candies, smooth sherry notes, dry herbs, dark fruit and a touch of caramel on the palate. Gentle rich floral and spices with sherry undertones on a long finish.

Kinahan's Kasc Project

Kinahan's Kasc Project, 45% abv

Mahogany chips, Oloroso sherry, figs, plums, light Christmas cake then soft clean crisp red fruit on the nose. Tangy sherry and red fruit mouthfeel. Candied fruit, sherry, red fruit, cacao and rich spices on the palate. Sherry, fruit and spices on a medium long finish.

Blackwater Velvet Cap

Blackwater Velvet Cap, 40% abv

Vanilla biscuits, flowers and honey on the nose. Gentle rich floral mouthfeel. Round, soft floral notes, some apples and grassy honey on the palate. Dry medium floral finish.

Powers John's Lane 12 Years Old

Powers John's Lane 12 Years Old, 46% abv

Floral, gentle, bananas and icing sugar on the nose. Apples, spices and dry mouthfeel. Dried flowers, burst of allspice then flowers and fruit on the palate. Fruit and soft flowers on a medium finish.

Tullamore Dew

Tullamore Dew, 40% abv

Honey, biscuity, white fruit acetone and dry floral aromas on the nose. Soft then honey tingling mouthfeel. Gentle floral shortbread cookies, rich, cereal notes and honey on the palate. Sweet honey and apple peel on a medium finish.

Redbreast 12 Years Old

Redbreast 12 Years Old, 40% abv

NOSE: Rich, flowers, oranges, vanilla and honey MOUTHFEEL: Smooth and rich PALATE: Easy drinking, thick, honey, lovely flowers and vanilla FINISH: Medium - Fruit and flowers with a hint of sherry