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Whisky Scores

Crown Royal Blenders' Mash (Bourbon)

Crown Royal Blenders' Mash (Bourbon), 40% abv

Caramel, grasses, coarse cherries, nutty, oranges, vanilla and spices on the nose. Acrid cherry mouthfeel. Dry, bitter cherry cough syrup, apples, spices and dry caramel on the palate. Dry cherry medium long finish.

Perth Canadian Whisky, Finished in a Sherry Cask, Small Batch

Perth Canadian Whisky, Finished in a Sherry Cask, Small Batch, 40% abv

Red fruit, sherry marshmallows, nutty, dry red berries on the nose. Light corn, sherry mouthfeel. Tannins, cereal notes, coffee, tobacco trailing into dusty toasty notes on the palate. Light and simple. Medium finish.

Dubh Glas Blood Moon

Dubh Glas Blood Moon, 46% abv

Rich pine forest aromas, sweet tannins and raspberries on the nose. Lovely red wine tannic mouthfeel. Fresh red berries, sweet pine notes, vanilla cake in a wine reduction sauce on the palate. Raspberries and bittersweet red wine on a medium finish.

Okanagan Spirits BRBN

Okanagan Spirits BRBN, 40% abv

Soft fruit, spices, apple and pear compote, vanilla, honey, caramel and bananas on the nose. Zesty orange mouthfeel. Lively marmalade, vanilla, dry paper notes, corn, ripe bananas and peppery on the palate. Sweet fruity medium finish.

Kinsip Whisky (Sample)

Kinsip Whisky (Sample), 42% abv

Fresh apple varnish, honey, hay and dry vanilla on the nose. Light fruity mouthfeel. Young, fruity and sweet on the palate. Simple. Medium short finish.

Dubh Glas Against All Odds

Dubh Glas Against All Odds, 45% abv

Rich pine aromas, almonds, fresh fruit and vanilla on the nose. Creamy fruity mouthfeel. Luscious fruit, marshmallows, sweet spices, pine notes and vanilla on the palate. Velvety fruit on a medium finish.

Glen Breton Alexander Keith's 18 Years Old

Glen Breton Alexander Keith's 18 Years Old, 43% abv

Sweet floral earthiness, light oak, hay and fruit aromas on the nose. Lovely sweet oak mouthfeel. Creamy, grassy, cereal, soft spices, oaky, hops and hay on the palate. Hay, cereal and dry fruit on a medium finish.

Canadian Club 20 Years Old

Canadian Club 20 Years Old, 40% abv

Soft, rich fruit, corn, caramel, lovely sweet rye spices and cherries on the nose. Luxurious corn and cherry mouthfeel. Caramel, rye notes, soft spices, dry corn and almond nuttiness on the palate. Lovely fruit, spices, corn and caramel on a medium long finish.

Dubh Glas Royal Oaks, Cask A-003

Dubh Glas Royal Oaks, Cask A-003, 44% abv

Pine forest aromas, herbs, oaky, nutty, spices, cocoa and oranges on the nose. Tangy spicy mouthfeel. Bittersweet fruit, zesty citrus peel, sweet tingling oak on the palate. Fruit, spices with a buzz on a medium long finish.

Wiser's 23 Years Old

Wiser's 23 Years Old, 64.3% abv

Rich, intense, corn, caramel, dry spices, hay, rye and nuttiness on the nose. Tangy creamy mouthfeel. Butterscotch, corn, rye notes, soft zestiness, flowers and white pepper on the palate. Soft yet potent creamy caramel on a long finish.