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Dubh Glas Barrel D-014

Dubh Glas Barrel D-014, 66.4% abv

Candied fruit drops, warm sweet vanilla berry custard on the nose. Floral citric mouthfeel. Lovely soft tangy citric notes, fruit undertones, citrus, cocoa and bittersweet caramel on the palate. Citrus and light toffee on a medium long finish.

Dubh Glas Barrel B-014 KWM

Dubh Glas Barrel B-014 KWM, 62.5% abv

Tingling floral and pine tree aromas, lemons, allspice, nutmeg and soft oak on the nose. Tingling zesty mouthfeel. Orange zest, light spices, pink grapefruit on the palate. Spicy oakiness on a medium long finish.

Dubh Glas Barrel F-007

Dubh Glas Barrel F-007, 63.8% abv

Light oak, warm light rye bread and floral aromas on the nose. Spicy floral mouthfeel. Sweet tingling fruit, citrus notes, wild berries and light peat on the palate. Lovely fruit and citrus on a medium long finish.

Dubh Glas Jail Bait

Dubh Glas Jail Bait, 46% abv

Sweet pine, soft juniper, lemons, vanilla, oak and banana bread on the nose. Gentle citric mouthfeel. Mild pink grapefruit notes, soft tropical fruit and icing sugar on the palate. Fresh energizing citrus on a medium long finish.

Dubh Glas April Fool

Dubh Glas April Fool, 46% abv

Minty caramel, honeyed oak, floral aromas then smoke and citrus on the nose. Citrus and honey mouthfeel. Lovely lemons, tingling sweet oaky peat on the palate. Luscious creamy malty peat on a medium long finish.

Dubh Glas Virgin Spirits

Dubh Glas Virgin Spirits, 50% abv

Pine cones, juniper, floral aromas, minty vanilla, banana and anise on the nose. Smooth zesty lemon mouthfeel. Citrus, pink grapefruit, chewy sweet pine gummy bears on the palate. Medium citric finish.

Saddleback Maple Bacon Whisky

Saddleback Maple Bacon Whisky, 40% abv

Buttered peaty popcorn, corn/maple syrup, bacon on the nose. Caramel espresso mouthfeel. Toffee/coffee teeter-totter, sickly sweet coconut, butterscotch bacon and maple syrup on the palate. Dusty bittersweet maple bacon on long finish. Not a sipping whisky.

Dillon's Rye 1, 2015 Cask 113, Bottle 0027

Dillon's Rye 1, 2015 Cask 113, Bottle 0027, 57.2% abv

Dry flowers, cinnamon, strong rye aromas, anise and pine forest on the nose. Intense tangy mouthfeel. Zesty pine sap, rye bread, smooth robust spices on the palate. Rye, fruit, soft spices on a long finish. Straightforward.

The Last Straw Stout Whisky

The Last Straw Stout Whisky, 45% abv

Almond varnish, light spices, fruity vanilla, cinnamon and sherry on the nose. Fulsome fruity mouthfeel. Almonds, sherry, fruity spices and dry liqueur notes on the palate. Hint of nutmeg on a medium finish.

Macaloney's Caledonian Invermaillie Moscatel

Macaloney's Caledonian Invermaillie Moscatel, 57.9% abv

Red fruit initially then tropical fruit and bananas on the nose. Tangy, spicy, fruity mouthfeel. The red fruit returns accompanied by ginger snaps, sweet tannins and lovely spices on the palate. Fruit and spices on a zesty medium long finish.