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Whisky Scores

Macaloney's Oaken Poitin

Macaloney's Oaken Poitin, 46% abv

Lovely spices, caramel, fruit aromas then honey and oak on the nose. Creamy caramel mouthfeel. Rich cereal notes, licorice, figs and more caramel on the palate. Sweet syrupy oaky medium finish.

Crown Royal Blenders' Mash (Bourbon)

Crown Royal Blenders' Mash (Bourbon), 40% abv

Cereal, caramel, corn, toffee, apples and vanilla on the nose. Sweet corn mouthfeel. Nutty popcorn, vanilla, oak, caramel and corn notes on the palate. Smooth corn on a medium finish.

Dillon's 100% White Rye

Dillon's 100% White Rye, 40% abv

Fruity floral nail polish, sweet, mint and cereal aromas on the nose. Soft, clean acetone mouthfeel. Clean crisp varnish dominates followed by floral notes with spices and a hint of ginger. Medium floral varnish finish.

Wiser's Last Barrels

Wiser's Last Barrels, 45% abv

Rich sherry aromas, warm fruit compote, almonds and vanilla on the nose. Lovely soft buzzy mouthfeel. Heavy creamy red fruit, soft spices, cherries and vanilla on the palate. Soft chewy cherry buzz on a medium finish.

North of 7 Cask Strength, 6 Years Old

North of 7 Cask Strength, 6 Years Old, 60.5% abv

Rich dry almonds, sweet oak, leather, malty caramel and cherries on the nose. Intense rich mouthfeel. Sweet nuttiness, lovely light corn notes, peppery then sweet light oak on the palate. Soft tangy red fruit on a medium finish.

North of 7 95% Rye

North of 7 95% Rye, 45% abv

Caramel acetone, rye spices, sweet cereal aromas, hint of cherries and pepper on the nose. Soft rye cereal mouthfeel. Oaky, gentle sweet cereal and dry nuttiness on the palate. Nuttiness continues on a dry sweet medium short finish.

Alberta Premium 25 Years Old

Alberta Premium 25 Years Old, 40% abv

Sweet soft corn, honey and mild spices on the nose. Silky fulsome mouthfeel. Smooth, corn syrup, rich caramel, vanilla on the palate. Intense yet subtle, well balanced. Luscious, soft, fruity, sweet, medium finish.

Canadian Club Sherry Cask

Canadian Club Sherry Cask, 41.3% abv

Red berries, caramel, cherries, sherry aromas and bittersweet acorns on the nose. Mildly harsh tangy mouthfeel. Smooth, bittersweet red fruit, tart raspberry purée, sweet tangy spice notes on the palate. Gentle tangy sweet red fruit on a medium finish.

Forty Creek Port Wood Reserve

Forty Creek Port Wood Reserve, 45% abv

Rich, red fruit perfume, wine aromas and licorice on the nose. Mellow thick red fruit mouthfeel. Black cherries, syrupy stewed raspberries, red wine notes on the palate. Sweet Burgundy wine sensation on a medium finish.

Macaloney's Caledonian Mac na Braiche Peated

Macaloney's Caledonian Mac na Braiche Peated, 46% abv

Luscious honey, apples, dry spices and hint of sherry on the nose. Fulsome fruity spicy mouthfeel. Zesty caramel, mild spices, Manuka honey, vanilla and lovely fruit on the palate. Soft fruit, sweet dry spices on a medium finish.