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Whisky Scores

North of 7 Cask 25, 7 Years Old

North of 7 Cask 25, 7 Years Old, 65.2% abv

Lively spices, apples, caramel, honey coated rye toast, vanilla and cinnamon on the nose. Zesty rye mouthfeel. Lovely lively nuttiness, honey covered rye biscuits, vanilla, chocolate, prunes and molasses on the palate. Rich rye fruity notes on a long finish.

Shelter Point, Evans Family Reserve

Shelter Point, Evans Family Reserve, 46% abv

Nutty, dry caramel, lovely fruit aromas then cloves on the nose. Tantalizing tingling nutty mouthfeel. Honey, almonds, spices, flowers then jammy raspberries on the palate. Spices, fruit with a lingering tang on a long finish.

Cirka No 3 Rye, 4 Years Old

Cirka No 3 Rye, 4 Years Old, 46% abv

Sharp floral aromas, spices, biscuity, mild rye, malty, pickles and nuts on the nose. Smooth rich rye mouthfeel. Round, nutty, acorns, soft spices, dry, light zestiness, rye bread notes, honey, white pepper, red fruit then cocoa on the palate. Nutty rye spices on a medium finish.

Stillhead Rye

Stillhead Rye, 47% abv

Apple varnish, mild spices, cereal, floral, white fruit, berries, cinnamon and anise on the nose. Sharp spicy mouthfeel. Tingling, white fruit, cereal, rye notes, spices and oak on the palate. Zesty bold dry medium finish.

Resurrection Rosé Gin

Resurrection Rosé Gin, 45% abv

Light red wine aromas, spices, botanicals, flowers on the nose. Rough, sweet, tart herbal mouthfeel. Apricots, tannins, spices, coconut, biscuity, cardamon and cloves on the palate. Pleasant. Cloves and mild juniper on a medium finish.

Dubh Glas Hot Tub Ideas

Dubh Glas Hot Tub Ideas, 68% abv

Pine cones, caramel, dry orange peel, spices and mint on the nose. Intense spicy, hot mouthfeel. Chili peppers, toffee, tart citrus notes, hot pink grapefruit and spices on the palate. Spicy vigorous citric notes on a long finish.

Macaloney Cask 134, Moscatel

Macaloney Cask 134, Moscatel, 46% abv

Red fruit, pronounced vanilla and soft tannins on the nose. Tangy dry fruity mouthfeel. Tannic notes dominate with dry floral notes on the palate. Dry acerbic medium finish.

Macaloney Cask 199, Oloroso Heavy Peat

Macaloney Cask 199, Oloroso Heavy Peat, 55% abv

Sherry, soft spices sweet light peat, fruit then dry earthy aromas on the nose. Sherry and sweet fruity mouthfeel. Sherry emerges then stale ashtray and tangy soot take over the palate. Dry, almost acrid creosote on a long finish

Macaloney Cask 81, Red Wine STR

Macaloney Cask 81, Red Wine STR, 55% abv

Rich, red wine aromas, candies, caramel, ripe red fruit and tannins on the nose. Creamy red fruit mouthfeel. Tangy red berries, touch of toffee and then wee smoke on the palate. Delicious smoke and sweet fruit on a medium finish.

Macaloney Cask 393, Ex Bourbon

Macaloney Cask 393, Ex Bourbon, 57.9% abv

Dry vanilla and dusty honey on the nose. Mild fruity mouthfeel. Very light peat, sweet fruit followed by smoke on the palate. Simple. Mild peat and fruit on a medium finish.