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Whisky Scores

Locke's 8 Years Old

Locke's 8 Years Old, 40% abv

Oranges, rich apples and candied pineapples on the nose. Mild zesty mouthfeel. Soft gentle fruit, mild spices and honey on the palate. Gentle sweet fruit on a short finish.

Macaloney's Oaken Poitin

Macaloney's Oaken Poitin, 46% abv

Lovely spices, caramel, fruit aromas then honey and oak on the nose. Creamy caramel mouthfeel. Rich cereal notes, licorice, figs and more caramel on the palate. Sweet syrupy oaky medium finish.

SMWS 105.20 Fluffy banana pancakes

SMWS 105.20 Fluffy banana pancakes, 54.8% abv

Rich, intense candied tropical fruit, flowers, vanilla, spicy honey, melons and oranges on the nose. Luscious sweet citric mouthfeel. Tangy pineapple, white pepper, tropical fruit, limes, oranges on the palate. Lovely medium long finish.

Pappy Van Winkle 12 Years Old, Lot B

Pappy Van Winkle 12 Years Old, Lot B, 45.2% abv

Rich, lovely caramel, nutty, Moreno cherries and vanilla on the nose. Silky corn and cereal mouthfeel. Luscious soft caramel, corn, almonds and candied maraschino cherries on the palate. Gentle rich corn and red berries on a medium long finish.

Crown Royal Blenders' Mash (Bourbon)

Crown Royal Blenders' Mash (Bourbon), 40% abv

Cereal, caramel, corn, toffee, apples and vanilla on the nose. Sweet corn mouthfeel. Nutty popcorn, vanilla, oak, caramel and corn notes on the palate. Smooth corn on a medium finish.

Bull Run Carlton Straight Rye Whiskey

Bull Run Carlton Straight Rye Whiskey, 46.4% abv

Lovely spices, caramel with mild mint aromas on the nose. Sweet light raspy mouthfeel. Mild bitterness emerges then acidic nuttiness, cocoa and sharp spices on the palate. Raspy notes endure on a medium long finish.

Dillon's 100% White Rye

Dillon's 100% White Rye, 40% abv

Fruity floral nail polish, sweet, mint and cereal aromas on the nose. Soft, clean acetone mouthfeel. Clean crisp varnish dominates followed by floral notes with spices and a hint of ginger. Medium floral varnish finish.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Johnnie Walker Blue Label, 40% abv

Rich floral aromas, gentle spices and luscious caramel on the nose. Delightful soft rich mouthfeel. Lovely playful floral and fruit notes with an underlying soft rich presence on the palate. Straightforward. Elegant soft floral medium finish.

Johnnie Walker 18 Years Old

Johnnie Walker 18 Years Old, 40% abv

Rich, heather, candied apples, smoke, caramel and cocoa on the nose. Meaty floral mouthfeel. Gentle floral notes, hint of spices and caramel on the palate. Well balanced. Caramel floral notes on a gentle medium finish.

Johnnie Walker Gold Label

Johnnie Walker Gold Label, 40% abv

Mild floral aromas, cinnamon, honey and light smoke on the nose. Silky floral mouthfeel. Floral notes dominate, then light smoke, waxy honey with lovely sweetness on the palate. Clean, elegant floral medium finish.