Scoring Guidelines

Scoring Guidelines

NO THANKS  0-49Will not drink.
DESPERATION  50-59Will drink in desperation if there is nothing else to drink.
OKAY  60-69Will drink again; it's an okay tipple.
GOOD  70-79Will enjoy drinking again; at the high end they are very good.
GREAT  80-89Will drink with great pleasure.
WOW  90-99Will savour every drop.
Canadian Club Sherry Cask

Canadian Club Sherry Cask, 41.3% abv

Red berries, caramel, cherries, sherry aromas and bittersweet acorns on the nose. Mildly harsh tangy mouthfeel. Smooth, bittersweet red fruit, tart raspberry purée, sweet tangy spice notes on the palate. Gentle tangy sweet red fruit on a medium finish.

SMWS 71.47 Citrusy spicy whisky lassi

SMWS 71.47 Citrusy spicy whisky lassi, 60.5% abv

Amazing vanilla aromas, apples, licorice, absinthe and roses on the nose. Soft intense mouthfeel. Apple incense, lovely spices, sweet ginger and white fruit on the palate. Spices, pears and vanilla linger on a medium long finish.

Forty Creek Port Wood Reserve

Forty Creek Port Wood Reserve, 45% abv

Rich, red fruit perfume, wine aromas and licorice on the nose. Mellow thick red fruit mouthfeel. Black cherries, syrupy stewed raspberries, red wine notes on the palate. Sweet Burgundy wine sensation on a medium finish.

Macaloney's Caledonian Mac na Braiche Peated

Macaloney's Caledonian Mac na Braiche Peated, 46% abv

Luscious honey, apples, dry spices and hint of sherry on the nose. Fulsome fruity spicy mouthfeel. Zesty caramel, mild spices, Manuka honey, vanilla and lovely fruit on the palate. Soft fruit, sweet dry spices on a medium finish.


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