Scoring Guidelines

Scoring Guidelines

NO THANKS  0-49Will not drink.
DESPERATION  50-59Will drink in desperation if there is nothing else to drink.
OKAY  60-69Will drink again; it's an okay tipple.
GOOD  70-79Will enjoy drinking again; at the high end they are very good.
GREAT  80-89Will drink with great pleasure.
WOW  90-99Will savour every drop.
Aberfeldy 28 Years Old

Aberfeldy 28 Years Old, 40% abv

Sweet apples, light sherry, fruit medley on the nose. Mildly intense fruit, sweet oranges, lovely mild spices on the palate. Very well balanced. A gentle giant.

Aberfeldy 21 years old

Aberfeldy 21 years old, 40% abv

Rich sherry and white fruit, pear aromas on the nose. Luscious soft fruit, sweet oranges,, soft spices on the palate. Gentle, light yet long finish.

Aberfeldy 18 Year Old

Aberfeldy 18 Year Old, 40% abv

Gentle light sherry, sweet fruit and vegetal aromas on the nose. Gentle fruit, mild spices with wee citrus zest on the palate. Medium short soft luscious finish.

Aultmore Foggie Moss 18 Years Old

Aultmore Foggie Moss 18 Years Old, 46% abv

Mild sherry, light fruity caramel on the nose. Mild, lovely spices, ginger and fruit on the palate. Soft, easy sipping medium short finish.


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